My Horses

Fred – 16.2 Bay Thoroughbred Gelding


I started to research more about Horse Behaviour and Natural Horsemanship techniques because of Fred. I bred him from my eventing mare Pearl and soon ran into difficulties with his dominant playful behaviour, although he was always challenging (biting, striking and rearing) this was manageable up to the point where he lost his confidence. I backed him and started riding him but soon found our biggest challenge was hacking out alone.

I’m pleased to say he caused me to learn how to be a good leader for him and we have a great relationship now and I look forward to spending as much time with him as I can. He’s 17 now but still going strong and loves showing off in front of a crowd so I’m sure you’ll get a chance to meet him if you come to one of my demos!


Ronda – 15.2 Buckskin Andalusian Mare

I bought Ronda as an unbroken 4 year old after she was imported from Spain. She has had plenty of time to grow and fill out and now I’m focusing on developing a solid foundation so we can build a great partnership for the future.
She’s a fun horse, quite confident and very inquisitive and puts anything and everything in her mouth so she destroys anything she can reach! She’s already helping me to lead out young horses on their first hacks and has taken part in a couple of demos too.

The great part about learning and developing your own feel and timing is that you pass that on to your horse, so whilst I have a great partnership with Fred and our relationship has improved vastly from those early days, I have a much lighter connection with Ronda as I’ve been able to offer her lightness due to my development over recent years.


Amie – 12hh Mule Mare

We think Amie is in her 20’s. I’m not sure of her past but she came to me because she couldn’t/wouldn’t be caught in the field! She’s been in our herd for a few years now and is a great companion for the horses. She is very suspicious of people, places, changes and things but having played with her on the ground she is more confident and happy to be caught and handled! She’s got a home for life here and loves to play with Ronda but chooses Fred as her herd leader.

rt_1504 Amie.jpg