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About Me

I have been lucky enough to own and ride horses from a very young age and have had experience in many different areas of horse training and competing. I grew up in Pony Club competing in Area and National competitions, then progressed to affiliated competitions in Dressage and British Eventing.
I had lots of fun riding, schooling and competing many horses until one horse came into my life that caused me to research and learn much more about horsemanship, and training them using psychology. This horse changed my direction and focus with horses and I’m forever grateful to him for some of the hard lessons he gave me!

Fred was homebred from my lovely mare Pearl who I’d owned since she was 3 and I’d backed and competed her successfully. But Fred, as a youngster became very intimidating to handle. He was very likely to bite, strike or rear if he was in a playful mood or decided he didn’t want to do what you wanted him to! Once I started riding him, more problems arose and I was beginning to lose my confidence riding him out as I had a few heart stopping moments when he decided he didn’t want to go where I wanted!

I’m happy to say, once I learned about horse psychology and what he needed from me, our partnership turned around and that caused me to want to learn more and more and eventually to begin teaching others how to achieve such transformations in a relatively short space of time with their own horses.
Since then I have studied horsemanship in much more depth involving trips to Colorado, Florida and Australia to study with Pat and Linda Parelli and I also study with as many inspirational horsemen and women that I have time to see here in the UK.

I now teach from my own yard at Oakleigh Grange Farm in Norfolk as well as travelling throughout East Anglia to help others achieve their horsemanship goals or overcome problems with their horses. Whilst my lessons most often start on the ground with some horse handling skills and background knowledge to horse behaviour, I also teach riding and love seeing the advanced communication you can develop on the ground improve your horse’s responsiveness when ridden.

If you, like me, want to develop a partnership with your horse based on trust and understanding then I’d love to help you. I offer horseless workshops every month, where you can come and learn about horse behaviour and improve your knowledge without your horse. Alternatively you can come and join in a group lesson with your horse, or if you prefer private tuition, I teach at my yard or I can come to you.

Please feel free to contact me by phone or e-mail if you have any horsemanship questions or if you’re interested to learn more.


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