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“You are actually amazing! She’s stopped rearing at me after just one lesson with you and I’ve loaded her twice on my own. Thank You!! Now I need to book another session with you to learn more.”

Annelise, Norfolk

"I have dabbled with Parelli over the years but nothing serious until I bought a 3 year old Arab. After meeting Cath at her Open Day we decided to send him to Cath's for a few weeks to get started and we have never looked back.

We still ride in a rope halter and he responds to the lightest touch which feels absolutely amazing. His manners are impeccable and he is the best horse ever and it's all down to Cath Tomson and of course Parelli.

JJ wasn't a problem horse but I did want him to have the best start in life through natural horsemanship and Cath has helped us every step of the way, she is amazing and has a natural talent for teaching. She's always there if I need help and advice and I can highly recommend her. "


Sarah, Norfolk

"Thanks so much for your help on Wednesday.

You were great and already I'm finding big changes in Boris's confidence, especially at that spooky corner where he had his many threshold experiences.”

Joan, Suffolk

"Thank you so much for our lesson today. I found it extremely interesting and enlightening! The things you explained made total sense to me and it was great to have it all explained so well.

I am definitely going to continue as I think it can only do us both good."

Catherine, Norfolk.

"I contacted Cath when a pony I loaned from World Horse Welfare turned out to have lots of scary, undesirable behaviours. He would kick or bite when picking out his feet. He would pin his ears and show his teeth when people walked past his stable, his ears would go flat back when feeding him, and when leading him he’d tip his nose and take off. I wondered what on earth I’d let myself in for, many people told me to send him back and re-home another pony, but I didn’t want him to be pushed from pillar to post.

So, here’s the good part: I contacted Cath explaining my predicament and she helped me work on all areas and one of those areas was me! I needed to up my game as he was smart, quick thinking and playful, and to make things interesting for him as he is an extrovert and loves moving his feet.

Cath not only teaches you about the horse, she teaches us about ourselves, how we affect our horse and then it becomes interesting and clear, she is a fantastic teacher in many ways.

Cath has been an inspiration to want to learn more and she has taught me how to be effective without becoming emotional, it has taken a lot of hard work, time and patience, but the tools and strategies have proved effective.  I cannot recommend Cath highly enough, she really is a true inspiration and thanks to her I now have a nice chilled-out pony to handle and hack out.

Would I do it all again? Definitely."


Jill, Suffolk

"I've ridden and owned horses for 39 years but I called Cath after I realised everything was going wrong. I'd fallen off twice which knocked my confidence, he mugged me for food constantly and every time I tied him up or left him in a field, I turned my back and he was gone! So I rang for HELP! Cath was with me pretty quickly to help and well, what can I say? I've probably been the happiest ever owning a pony. My horse loves every second of it and I really do think he's rather good at it! My relationship and bond with him since learning from Cath is quite remarkable, it makes me really emotional when I see him try so hard for me.

He no longer mugs me for food because, with the techniques I've learned and Cath's help, he now waits patiently until his bowl is on the floor before devouring it!

I now have the riding to master again, but I know with Cath's teaching it will all be fine, calm and stress free! I want to say a BIG thank you to Cath and I wish more people could get her help to experience what I do and feel every day I'm with Billy."

Lucy, Suffolk

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